Help the Guernsey Marlins

22nd May 2012

The Guernsey Marlins is a swimming club for people with a learning disability.  More information see link below.

Lloyds Banking Group have a Community Fund and the Guernsey Marlins Special Swimmers Club has been lucky to be one of the four shortlisted in the “Bournemouth” area for a prize of £5,000   The two organisations in each region that receive the highest number of votes will each receive £5,000.  The link  below will take you directly to the Guernsey Marlins page:

– Vote for us here –


You can also vote by TEXT. If you are texting from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland they can use 61119 and SMS “VOTE BH3”. If you are located in the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey, you must use the following number 07797 803367 and SMS “VOTE BH3”  to register you vote. Both numbers use the same charging structure, so you will be charged their standard network rate for sending a text.

If we are lucky enough to win, the funds will help our Club enormously and allow us to go away next year to more competitions.

We have just come back from a competition in Sheffield where over 200 swimmers from across Britain took part.  We took four swimmers and they won ten medals out of a potential 16, of which seven were gold, one silver and two bronze.  We were naturally all delighted with their magnificent achievement.  They also gained some personal best times.

Please ask your friends, family and work colleagues to vote for us. Also, if you use Facebook or Twitter, please forward the link to everyone you know. £5,000 would, as I have  already said, enable us to take more swimmers to competitions and put Guernsey and disabled swimming on the map!

We would be very grateful if you would support us and vote for The Guernsey Marlins Special Swimmers Club.

More information about the club available here

Jean Elwin
Guernsey Marlins Special Swimmers Club