Saving a life is made easy

13th May 2013

At the Guernsey Sports Commission we want to make the application of first aid towards other participants, coaches and volunteers within a sporting context as easy as possible. We recognise that a number of sports coaches in a variety of different sports require first aid training to ensure their coaching certificate is up to date. Consequently the Guernsey Sports Commission offer a range of workshops and training opportunities to sports coaches, sports leaders, volunteers and anyone with an interest in furthering their sporting ability. These courses are provided to ensure that coaches can remain skilled, and can further their continued professional development. These courses are also provided to enable all coaches to fulfill the minimum standards for deployment required by a range of National Sporting Governing Bodies. Our courses are:

Led by experienced coaches with real passion for their subject.

All workshops are easily tailored to the specific learning needs and styles of the audience.

Conveniently held at local venues, usually in the evenings or at the weekend.

Run in small groups so you can share your experiences with other coaches to find practical solutions that work.

Run in a relaxed atmosphere that is unintimidating Nationally recognised, and you come away with a certificate of attendance and a valuable resource that you can refer back to time and time again.

Within the last month we have recently discovered that St. Johns Ambulance have a YouTube channel that showcases the reasons why people should know first aid and be competent to deliver it whenever and wherever. St. John Training Services Guernsey has combined the expertise of Guernsey’s professional Ambulance & Rescue Service and the experience of St. john Ambulance to give you the Bailiwick’s leading provider of First Aid training. They deliver a number of courses to enable people to feel confident in a situation if the need ever arose to put first aid into practice.

We run a number of courses throughout the year which are run by St. John Ambulance Guernsey, they are 6 hours long and are valid for 3 years. The workshops are open to anyone who is interested in furthering their skills and looking to Continue their Professional Development (CPD). The course will prepare all participants to deal with a whole range of sporting injuries on and off the field. Course contents includes bleeding, joint injuries, burns & scalds, communication & casualty care and resuscitation amongst others. Successful students are awarded a certificate of competence valid for three years and the course corresponds with NVQ learning outcomes at level 1.

We make it as easy as possible for people to book onto the course and prospective attendees or people looking for more information can obtain it by clicking the ‘workshops’ link on the ‘support’ tab on the top menu bar. The number of times we hear about people dying unexpectedly because nobody knew first aid is saddening and attendance of this course can help save lives. Rather than me tell you all the reasons why you should go on a First Aid course run by us, I will let you watch this short video below. How would you feel if you were unable to help prevent your daughter choking like the mother in the film? Sign up to attend a first aid workshop by clicking the link underneath the video.

More information about our First Aid in Sports Courses