Our Medical Director Talks Sports Injuries

22nd May 2013

“Take an active part, talk to your coach, talk to your parents & talk to your doctor”. Strong words from Steve Evans, our Medical Director, issued to athletes on our Brooks Macdonald High Performance Programme (HPP) this evening. The evening was part of ongoing workshops organised by the team helping to deliver the HPP, giving the athletes on the programme the best possible support so they can perform at their best when required.

From a medical point of view, Steve highlighted that his main role to to provide advice for athletes on the programme, and to facilitate the fast tracking of athletes to obtain the best medical treatment possible. Steve’s presentation centered upon injury prevention, which he highlighted was one of the most important things to consider as an athlete. He is in a prime position to advise local athletes on the injuries they may come across when competing as he is an athlete himself, as he has taken part in the Marathon des Sables twice and has competed in various other marathon courses in extreme conditions around the world.

The short presentation advised athletes on the best ways to prevent injuries occurring. These included appropriate training regimes, correct techniques, use of equipment, nutrition & hydration. Steve was also quick to recognise that a healthy balanced diet is a prerequisite for athletes of all levels, and “we are lucky in Guernsey as there is limited access to fast food”. He also issued athletes with top tips on visits to see their GP’s and highlighted three local practitioners who specialise in sports injuries.

Steve highlighted that it is very much a team approach to supporting the athlete, however “the central person is you” he said. He outlined that whilst there are a number of support services available to athletes including coaches and parents, “as the athlete, it is up to you to take charge to a certain extent”. Steve advocated taking an active part in your recovery if you are injured and to talk to your coaches, parents & your doctor. Athletes were advised to adapt their expectations to deal with their injuries whether or not to perform at 100% in competitions or whether to decide not too compete all together.

The overall message from the short presentation highlighted that long term problems can occur if ignored, and it will be up to the athlete to make a conscious decision whether to get the injury seen to. No doubt the athletes in attendance will be best placed to make informed decisions going forward, and these workshops are just another mechanism in which the Guernsey Sports Commission are supporting our athletes train, develop & compete at the highest level.

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