1.2 Million Reach for Awards Hashtag

28th January 2015

Earlier this month we hosted our Annual Sporting Achievement Awards! One of the only times in the sporting calendar where hundreds of sports men and women from a whole plethora of different sports join together to celebrate what is great about Guernsey Sport. Apart from the evening being attended by over 450 guests, the 11 awards being presented and our special guest keeping the audience on the edge of their seats through his presentation, I was keen to ensure that people who were not able to attend our awards were able to follow the awards being presented & peoples reaction to the evenings events on social media.

The event was similar to last year in that we encouraged individuals to Tweet during the evening using the dedicated hashtag #GSCSportsAwards which we used last year and managed to reach 285,000 people via on Twitter on the night of the awards. In total last year we managed to reach 797,000 people via Twitter using the hashtag in the lead up to, during and after the event, but this year we wanted to push that reach to over 1 million. We used the following piece of text on our awards programme to try and encourage individuals to comment on the night and included it in the welcome speech made by our host for the evening to encourage audience members to join the debate.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.52.13

During the event we were keen to see the audience view everything that attendees of the event could. Now whilst we couldn't broadcast the event live over the internet (maybe something for our event next year) we did tweet screenshots of the awards programme, alongside photographs from the evening shot by our official photographer Chris George.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 09.52.31

On the night we were pleased to welcome along Chris George to photograph our event, the award winners and to capture the atmosphere through the evening. Before the evening it was great to see tweets (screenshot below shown on the right) appear online which were taken using a wi-fi enabled camera then send straight to a mobile device with a 3G connection where they could then be edited and uploaded online for all to see. This recent breakthrough in technology will no doubt be used more and more in the near future as our audience will push for more real time updates of sports matches and public events and live draws for the upcoming Island Games if we are to use a current example from earlier this week. As i think you will agree the quality of the image appearing online does show off the great evening that we hosted and the spectacular range of different sportsmen and women that attended.

Screenshot 2015-01-28 13.42.44 Screenshot 2015-01-28 13.42.57

Overall we managed to reach 1.2 million people with our Twitter hashtag #GSCSportsAwards which was a tremendous achievement given it related to an event hosted over 2 hours, 1 night a year organised by a charity here in Guernsey (see graph below - with purple spike occuring on the night of the awards - reaching 584,000 feeds). Twitter remains one of the main tools we will continue to be using in 2015 to spread news relating to the Sports Commission and the initiaities that we deliver in the community and what our member sports are offering. Be sure to stay in touch with us by following @GuernseySports - and check out our latest initiative we have launched in primary schools - the Specsavers Guernsey Youth Games 2015, another initiative open to hundreds of school children islandwide with another hashtag - #YouthGames2015. At the time of writing this report we had reached 223,810 different people on Twitter with this hashtag and particular initiative. With the main competition not taking place till June I think you will agree that the particular sponsor for this event will be very happy with the exposure they are receiving!

Screenshot 2015-01-28 13.52.46