We Publish our 2014 Street Sports Report

5th March 2015

Street Sports is a community programme that aims to improve sports provision for young people in order to benefit their well-being. It offers 11 to 18 year olds of all abilities access to free sports and physical activity sessions in neighbourhoods at three locations across the island where a number of young people may experience social and/or economic difficulties.

It is an opportunity for young people to be active, socialise, have fun, play sports and learn new skills. Staff provide the equipment and deliver a variety of sports including games and variations of many traditional sports that lend themselves to a ‘street’ setting. With guidance from staff, participants are very much involved in the plan and decision-making for each session and are given the choice of which activities they would like to do. Young people can just turn up, register with a member of staff and join in.

We are pleased to announce that our 2014 Annual Review of Street Sports is now ready to view. The report summarises all of the work that was carried out within the programme by our staff during 2014.