Kerri and Ollie attend P.E. and School Sport Conference

24th November 2015

Two of our P.E. and Sport Development Officers attended a P.E. and School Sport Conference on November 17th 2015. The aim of attending this conference was to offer Kerri and Ollie some current CPD. In order to stimulate ideas to help improve our current P.E. in Schools programme, as well as to inspire them for future programmes.
Courses that were attended on that day were: Supporting girls to be active, What a healthy, active school looks like, Developing resilience, Championing Disability Sport and Outstanding P.E.

Kerri stated “The day was extremely engaging and inspiring meeting like-minded people, who were able to share their successes and their passion for this subject”.

The key message that was shared on the day was that P.E. is extremely important and it should be valued in all primary schools. This is not solely because of the physical and health benefits, although we all know this is an obvious benefit. It was more the underlying life skills that are learnt through this subject. This subject alone teaches six of the most employable skills that are required to impress an employer: Verbal Communication, Team work, Analytical and Investigational skills, Iniatiative and Self-motivation, Drive and Determination and Flexibility

Speakers believed that if the school’s culture could change and P.E., being physically active and eating healthily was at the heart of the school, the children and the staff would as a result create a cohesive, enjoyable, hardworking, resilient, inclusive and a focused learning community.
Kerri and Ollie are currently working on their a project to make small adjustments, to enhance their support for all schools. This in turn should make a big impact for the future.