High Performance Workshop for the Guernsey Rowing Club

19th January 2016

The Guernsey Sports Commission recently hosted a workshop for the Guernsey Rowing Club coaches at the Brooks Macdonald High Performance Centre to look at specific physical training methods for rowing at the request of Matt Gill, a member of the club.

“The Guernsey Rowing Club has recently invested in 8 members to gain their British Rowing coaching qualifications and have subsequently moved forward with a large capital investment into four new novice club boats. As part of our continued progression we looked to arrange a talk with Tim Newenham, arranged by the Guernsey Sports Commission.”

The workshop focussed on supporting coaches to adapt basic exercises to suit the precise needs of the sport. Matt Gill added;

“Tim clearly has a wealth of knowledge gained through experience in the British Olympic programmes and gave an informed and focussed talk that benefitted both coaches and competitors in respect of rowing specific strength training. It also considered not only competitive rowers, but also those looking to enjoy the sport socially whilst protecting the body from injury”

“There were some key figures presented that changed our current beliefs behind the utilisation of the legs, body and arms in the rowing stroke and the type of exercises we should be looking to perform”

Jeremy Frith, Performance Director with the Guernsey Sports Commission added;

“Supporting coaches beyond their coaching qualifications is one of our key aims. We recognise the importance of firstly getting people appropriately qualified to be able to coach effectively and safely, but also to continue their development on ongoing basis. We have put together a whole range of workshops that are available to coaches from all sports and can tailor programmes to suit the needs of individual sports where required.”

For more information on accessing coach development opportunities through the Guernsey Sports Commission’s More Coaches, Better Coaches programme visit www.guernseysports.com/workshops