45 Children Enjoy Free Tri-Golf Festival

6th April 2016

The PE in Schools team recently teamed up with local golf clubs to host their 4th Tri-Golf Festival. This years festival took place Thursday 31st March at Les Beaucamp High School for children in Year 3 and 4 from all the island’s primary schools. 45 children children attended the festival and were split up into 9 teams named after countries. 14 volunteers from the golf community helped deliver the festival.

The festival provides children with an additional opportunity to play Tri-Golf. Children have been introduced to Tri-Golf during their PE lessons this term with Kerri, Ollie and Steph from the PE in Schools team.

Team ‘USA’ made up of Ashton, Harvey, Kobi, Jay, Enzo and Harry won the top prize with  1145 points. While team ‘Scotland’ consisting of Dalton, Liam, Thomas, Joshua won the Fair Play Skills for Life award.

One parent commented: “Thanks for organising a great event. My child really enjoyed it and we have spent the evening together chipping in the garden.” The PE in Schools team were happy to see many children were interested in continuing playing golf at a local club at the end of the festival.