Blog: My Week at GSC…

20th October 2016

Bryony shares with you her experience of being part of the Sports Commission team for a week.

I’m Bryony De Garis and I attend the College of Further Education and I have done my work placement at the Guernsey Sports Commission for a week.

Before I Came to the Guernsey Sports Commission, I already had some knowledge as to want they do for example plan sessions and then present them to primary school children for reception and year 3&4 across the island. I also knew that they hold affordable sessions during the holidays for children and teenagers to promote staying active.

However since I have been grateful enough to shadow the staff during the week I have come to learn that they give so much more opportunities to children across the island. This includes after school clubs as well as coming in for some of their PE lessons to promote staying active, maintaining a healthy diet including drinking lots of water and going to bed at a sensible hour. They also hold evening  sessions called ‘Street Sports’ during the week  where they play fun games and activities, such as a game of football or even tchoukball  with the children and teenagers. They hold these sessions so the kids can be more active and socialise with others in a fun environment.  The staff brings all the equipment to the sessions and the best thing about them is that it is FREE to go!

I have also learnt in this week that there is a lot of preparation to get these sessions and events up and running, firstly this involves the creative side of things where they make posters and leaflets to promote what sport and activities are going to be on in the future and to do this they regularly update their websites with new events and sports new.

Over the week I have gone to different schools and help set up sessions and encourage the children when playing the activities /sport and been able to pick my own player of the day at the end of the lesson which the children were all very excited about. I helped out with the the year 5&6 squash festival by taking photos for their social media pages.  I have also attended some of the street sports sessions and been able to see how beneficial and fun they are for everyone. Finally I have been able to have an insight on how all the social media pages are run like publishing posts.

I have enjoyed my week thoroughly and highly recommend going to any of their activities or events they offer!