Accessible Leisure Pursuits to be Showcased Islandwide

2nd March 2017

Beginning on Monday 6th March We All Matter Eh? will be celebrating the wide variety of accessible leisure pursuits available here in Guernsey via the Accessible Activities campaign with the Guernsey Disability Alliance.

We All Matter Eh! is made up of a group of islanders, and their families and Carers, who share their stories of living with disability in the island of Guernsey (it is the member’s voice of the GDA).

Disabled Access Day begins on Friday 10th March 2017. In the week running up to Disabled Access Day we will be showcasing a number of projects. One of which will be the Accessible Activities campaign. You can find more at

The Guernsey Disability Alliance want to help remove the barriers that currently exist for disabled islanders who wish to take a full and active part in society. In this campaign they are focusing on the wide variety of sports and physical activities that are available in Guernsey. They hope that this campaign will increase access and choice, to raise awareness, acceptance and increase participation in every leisure pursuit on the island. This in turn will improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Increase participation in sports, clubs and physical activities islandwide via our online sports directory and online video promotions
Raise awareness of all the leisure opportunities available to islanders with disabilities.
Improve the physical and mental wellbeing of disabled islanders
Raise the profile of disability sport islandwide, increase support for the clubs
Improve funding opportunities for sports clubs
Increase volunteering opportunities within accessible clubs
Empowering clubs to be more accessible by accessing the tips on our website

The GDA have filmed and photographed 11 clubs & physical activities to date and have built a directory featuring over 20 local clubs that are accessible to disabled islanders. The clubs are all listed and include seated yoga, paragliding, wheel chair dancing, sitting volleyball, judo, football, swimming just to name a few! On Friday 10th March the GDA will unveiling their headline accessible sport video on their website and social media. In the lead up to the 10th beginning on Monday 6th March they will be unveiling a series of individual sport/physical activity videos providing a more in depth look at each activity.

Call to action:
Individuals are encouraged to get involved in a sport locally
Clubs should aim to increase their accessibility, thus increasing the choices available
Improve the support available to clubs through donations, volunteering, and promotion of their leisure pursuit
Via the local press and social media we aim to provide a platform for disabled islanders here in Guernsey, who play sport, to have a voice and share their experiences
Karen Blanchford, Executive Director of the Guernsey Disability Alliance said “this project has touched all of us involved as we view the enjoyment clubs bring, the satisfaction of achieving and inclusion into the community. We have many partners in this campaign and thank them all for embracing the concept. We hope the public and local clubs will too”.