Celebrating resilience with The EJ Blight trophy 1917-2017

24th May 2017

The latest findings from the Guernsey Young people’s survey were recently published. The survey asks 2000 young people to explain their views, attitudes and behaviour about being a teenager in Guernsey today.The survey is a fascinating document that demonstrates that the 21st Century is the best of times and the worst of times (to misquote Dickens) for growing up as a young person.

The findings of the Guernsey Young people’s survey 2017 reflect the challenges that life in the 21st Century presents to Guernsey teenagers. Broadly the findings are positive and demonstrate that young people are coping well with the increasing pressures of 21st Century life. Most young people report that they are happy with their lives, enjoy school, have colleagues with whom they can share problems and are aware that that they are in control of their health. However they are not immune from the pressures that all young people face. In particular, there is a significant number who report that they are unhappy and find life stressful.

One of the most important qualities that young people need to thrive in the 21st Century is resilience anf the ability to cope or ‘bounce back’ after encountering negative events, difficult challenges or adversity.

Learning about resilience will be a cornerstone of the new Guernsey curriculum. In a nutshell this means that children and young people keep going when things get hard as they believe errors and challenge show they are at the edge of their comfort zone which leads to more progress and depth in learning.

To celebrate this aspect of the new curriculum the EJ Blight trophy will be presented this year.

The EJ Blight trophy was first presented in 1917 and commemorates the life of EJ Blight , a Guernsey man who died in action during World War 1 on March 10th 1917.

Lieutenant EJ Blight would have seen action for two years before his death. Daily he would have had to overcome the terrible, grim realities of war. He would have had to keep going despite losing close friends and comrades in one battle after another. There is no better example of resilience.

How to enter

If you know of a young person or group of young people (any age up to 21 years) who have demonstrated resilience then why not nominate then for the EJ Blight Trophy?

Please send a citation of 100 words or less explaining why that young person or groups of young people have been nominated to Alun Williams at alun.williams@gov.gg – by Friday July 7th Telephone: 07911 728059 for more information