M&S Girls Convention Encourages Girls to Get Active

20th June 2017

The M&S Girls Convention took place on Wednesday the 14th of June. 60 year 9 girls from four different Schools across the Island took part this year. The aim was to give these 60 young women a positive experience of sport / physical activity by offering a variety of activities that do not form part of the regular curriculum. Activities on offer included Cricket, Kickboxing, Street Dance, Triathlon and Zumba, which gave the girls an opportunity to enjoy being active in a positive environment. These activities were also paired with a workshop helping the girls move out of their comfort zones.

The feedback from the girls who attended was excellent. Whilst it served as a day off the regular school timetable, their comments reinforced the need to stage this event annually. The majority of the girls really enjoyed the day and this included “The activities were really good”, “It was really fun and I enjoyed trying different sports”.

The aim of the convention is to empower the girls who take part to find an activity that they would want to do again. Many of the girls were excited and motivated after taking part in the various activities on offer, with several enthusiastic to come back for more. The event is sponsored by Marks & Spencer and the activities on the day were supported by a number of local organisations and coaches.  Marks & Spencer also provided lunch and healthy snacks for the girls who attended and this encouraged the girls to make healthy eating choices. Comments from the girls included “The food was really tasty” and “Yummy!”.

Overall the day was considered a success by all those involved, and a couple of comments from the girls in attendance summarised the reasons for the staging of our fourth M&S Convention. “This was a great day, it was so fun trying new stuff, thank you!” and “Do this every year! It was amazing and tonnes of fun”.