Take Part in The Generali Older People’s Week

28th July 2017

The Generali Older People’s Week will be going ahead again this year following last year’s successful event. It runs from Saturday 30th September – Saturday 7th October, encompassing International Older Persons Day on October 1st.

The week aims to promote healthy ageing through physical activity and sports to those aged 65 and over.

We would like you to take part in Older People’s Week. The idea is for you to offer a free taster session or to put on an event during the week.We’re happy for you to decide the day, time, age groups etc and what your session/event will look like.

The aim is to get older people more active in the long run, so ideally what you offer will have opportunities for participants to sign up to after the week is over.This is a great opportunity to publicise your organisation and to help get more people involved in your sport/activity.

The Guernsey Sports Commission is organising the event, supported by Generali and we will be publishing leaflets & posters promoting the event and will be pushing the event in the media.

We need confirmation of any session or event you’d like to organise by Wednesday 9th August, to allow us enough time to create and produce the leaflets.

The information that we’ll need from you is:

Time and date of session(s).

Short description of session, including any limiting factors and if any equipment, particular clothing etc is needed.

Contact name and number and/or email address for further information.

If the session is open or has to be booked.

Booking information: The GSC can help with bookings, however it would more beneficial for you to build relationships, advertising and providing further info if you organised this yourselves.

Please do not hesistate to get in touch if you’d like any more information, or to discuss Older Peoples Week further by emailing info@guernseysports.com or calling 747271