Street Sports Programme to Benefit from 24k Grant

16th October 2017

Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands has granted Guernsey Sports Commission £24,850 to help fund the running of its Street Sports programme for one year.

The Streets Sports programme has been running since 2009 and serves to give young people free access to sports in their neighbourhood through regular sessions run by sessional staff at designated venues throughout Guernsey. Its aims are to encourage young people to participate in sport and physical activity, to develop skills and improve confidence and self-esteem, and to be accessible and inclusive for under 18s.

The grant from the Foundation will specifically ensure the continued provision of this successful programme through the funding of the sessional staff and the programme co-ordinator. This will include the regular training provided to staff to ensure that they are upholding safety standards and providing good quality, engaging, and fun session for children and young people.

Some of the sports that have been enjoyed at the Street Sports sessions include basketball, rugby, slacklining, sitting volleyball, dodgeball, rollerblading, cricket, and even circus skills. The young people who participate often get to choose what activities take place and sessions run all year round and in all weather.

Jenny Murphy, Sport Development Officer, Guernsey Sports Commission, commented on the funding: “The funding we’ve received from Lloyds Bank Foundation is essential in allowing us to continue to offer this service to young people in Guernsey. The difference Street Sports makes in the lives of those who participate is encouraging and significant. It enables young people to get out and be active where they would otherwise be isolated or sedentary.”

Some feedback from participants has included sentiments of enjoyment and commented: “My confidence has really developed down at Street Sports. I am confident for job interviews coming up.” Another commented: “It’s about sports and how you can make friends as well. I’ve made a few friends here.”

Jo Le Poidevin, Executive Director, Lloyds Bank Foundation for the Channel Islands is happy to see the programme succeed in its objectives and commented: “introducing a variety of sports to young people is so important in widening their experiences and developing new skills that will ultimately help them later in life. We’re very happy to support the Street Sports programme and are impressed with the growing figures in participation as well as the positive feedback received from participants.”