An Interview with Beth Tweddle MBE

28th November 2017

We spent time with British Gymnastics most successful ever female gymnast during here recent visit to Guernsey.

Jeremy Frith, High Performance Director at the Guernsey Sports Commission shared his thoughts...

"I was extremely privileged to have been given the opportunity to speak to Olympic, World and Commonwealth medalist, gymnast Beth Tweddle, during her visit to Guernsey.

With my colleague Ollie Dowding, we were able to spend the afternoon exploring her journey from an enthusiastic young 7 year old who just loved the thrill of movement, to clinical professional athlete, and now a coach fully committed to driving participation in gymnastics.
Whether you are an educator, an athlete, a parent or a fan of gymnastics then there will be something of interest in this for you. Specifically I really enjoyed her perspective on what excites her about coaching and its links with struggle. There are some great messages described through her own personal experiences around failure, hard work and perseverance. She speaks passionately about the role of coaching at different stages of her development and how the love and support her parents have given her has underpinned all that she has achieved in and out of gymnastics. From her perspective of athletes she reflects on attending her first major games, how she manages social media and how she prepared before a competition.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Beth for giving us the time she did, for openness and allowing us to share this interview in full."