Inter School Success for Vale and Beechwood

6th December 2017

Children from Vale and Beechwood this week tasted success at our recent Inter School Badminton and Fencing Festivals. Over 60 children from 10 different Primary Schools experienced representing their school in a competitive and fun environment where FairPlay was also rewarded as well as the overall winners.

Kerri Brown, PE & Sport Development Officer, outlined the importance of providing these opportunities. "We feel it important to give children another opportunity to excel at something and have a positive experience", she said.

This is now the 3rd Inter School Festival that the Sports Commission have organised this school year working with local Sport Development Officers. Chris Buxton, Head Coach of Guernsey Fencing Academy, was full of praise. "It is really important that we get our sport out to as many children as possible and it is great that the Sports Commission can help us", he explained.

Fencing Results

1. Beechwood 2. Vale 3. Forest

FairPlay Awards to Hautes Capelles and Vauvert

Badminton Results

1. Vale 2. Castel 3. Vauvert

FairPlay Awards to Melrose, Forest and LMDC

You can view photos of both the Inter School Fencing and Badminton Festivals by visiting our Facebook page