Safeguarding Workshop Supports Young Leaders

26th March 2018

The Sports Commission ran their first in house Youth Safeguarding workshop on Tuesday the 20th of March.
The workshop is for young sports leaders aged between 13 and 17 years old with the aim of the workshop to provide young coaches, officials, volunteers and sports leaders with age-appropriate safeguarding information, as well as exploring what a good sports leader looks like.
The workshop, attended by young leaders from Cricket, Golf and Street Dance, started with the young leaders drawing up what a good, safe sports leader looks like, and what a bad, unsafe sports leader looks like.
The participants then identified common areas of good leadership such as listening and being inclusive as well as developing a good grasp on what poor practice looks like.
They then used this to create their own codes of conduct for their sport.
The workshop continued by looking at the 5 categories of child abuse, followed by a look at how any concerns should be dealt with and reported.
Finally, the group looked at a number of different scenarios, and decided how they would deal with them.
Feedback from the participants was positive, with lots of new knowledge gained.
This course will now be delivered by the Guernsey Sports Commission several times a year.
Jenny Murphy, Sports Development Officer highlighted the importance of running this course “There are lots of great young leaders in sport and it is vital that we provide support and training for them to develop their skills and feel confident in their delivery”.
To book onto existing Youth Safeguarding courses, or to discuss a bespoke workshop for young leaders in your sport, please contact,  call 747229 or visit