Children Set Sail at Year 4 Festival

11th July 2018

On the 10th of July 2018, 24 children from Vauvert, Melrose, Amherst, St Martins and Vale were involved with Year 4 sailing festival that took place on the Model Yacht Pond.

This festival was organised by the Guernsey Sport Commission who worked together with the Guernsey Sailing Trust to give the children a free taster session on how to sail.

Prior to the festival the children had the chance to have a free training day on the 9th of July to learn how to sail or recap what to do ready for the festival.

For the festival the children were split into 6 teams with four children in each team- the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple team.

On the day the children picked their pairs amongst their team and both pairs in each colour raced against the other teams.

It was a round robin tournament and there was 5 rounds.

The team that came first in each race received 1 point, whoever came second received 2 point and so on down to fourth place; the teams wanted to get the least amount of points to win.

The teams who weren’t racing or getting into their boats to prepare for the next race were holding onto the boats not in use and pushing the others away when the race started.

After the rounds were done they played a game.

The aim of the game was to get as many ducks as possible in your boat and at the end the total was counted up, there was no splashing or stealing other duck from other teams allowed.

The scores were collected and put in order of first, second, third etc. Then when the team came in the duck game score was added onto their sailing scores creating an overall score.

The overall winners of the Sailing Festival were the Green team who involved- Scott K, Cole H, Georgia P and Zach G.

The Sports Commission always look for individuals or pairs who have shown or proven they have good sportsmanship, fair play, looking to improve and have been amazing all during the time they have been with the Sports Commission that afternoon their title is The ‘Players of the Day’.

Clare Chapple, the instructor in the water from the Guernsey Sailing Trust, picked Annie and Theo, Steph Batiste picked Eloise and Kerri Brown picked Benji for her player of the day.

The Green team and the 4 children who received ‘Player of the day’ were given medals acknowledge what they had achieved in the Sailing Festival, and all children received a certificate for taking part in the Sailing Festival.

'The Year 4 Sailing festival has been a great success with 24 children signing up to access the free opportunity to try a new sport.All children have had the chance to learn new skill within a training session and then put those into practice at the festival where they have been represented a team. We have seen some fantastic team spirit throughout the day, all the children have shown fair play, team work and have had lots of fun. A massive thank you to the Sailing Trust for the support to help run this event', said Steph Batiste, PE & Sport Development Officer.

By Olivia K (Year 10, St Sampsons High School)

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