40 Links to Improve Your Coaching


1. How do you develop your children’s decision-making skills?
2. How do you go about developing a culture when contact time is minimal?
3. What one book has influenced you most and why?
4. Structured to unstructured: How do you make the transition?
5. How creative are you?
6. Can anyone help me understand the “right” thinking for pre-match warm up stretching?
7. How do you maintain engagement when the range of ability within a group is large?
8. Winning vs development: Which is more important?
9. What’s the best coaching advice you’ve ever been given?
10. What are your top five coaching tips?


11. Emotional intelligence is integral to becoming a great coach
12. How to create a relational coaching environment
13. Learning behaviour change strategies will ensure your athletes keep coming back for more
14. Beware of ‘cotton wool coaching’!
15. 15 things all new coaches should know
16. Ostracised newbie or welcomed addition? Being the ‘new coach’
17. The importance of language in coaching
18. Coaching successful performance to develop decision-making
19. How to deal with problems that your coaching courses don’t cover
20. Growth industry: Advocating a mindset revolution in coaching


21. How to recognise and coach a nervous participant
22. Delivering creative coaching sessions
23. Youth Physical Development Model
24. How to recognise and coach an overconfident ‘know-it-all’ participant
25. How to recognise and coach a participant losing interest
26. How coaches can work in partnership with parents

27. Peer-to-peer feedback: How words impact on our lives
28. How to approach coaching participants for ‘the big game’
29. How do you coach young people when life changes?
30. Tandem for coaches (free reports for members in 2017)


31. How to inspire positive behaviour in your sessions
32. Creativity and coaching: Six stages of introducing a new idea
33. Beating the bullies: Advice for coaches on how to spot bullying in your sessions
34. ConnectedCoaches members’ mentoring top tips
35. How to communicate effectively with children
36. How to build closeness in the coach-athlete relationship
37. Mental health awareness: Advice for coaches on what to do if it emerges one of your players is experiencing a mental health problem
38. ConnectedCoaches members’ video analysis top tips
39. How to give children feedback
40. ConnectedCoaches members’ coaching top tips

Source: Sports Coach UK