The UNESCO International Convention against Doping in Sport has been extended to Guernsey. To help it meet these international obligations the Guernsey Sports Commission has been appointed by the Policy Council to put in place anti-doping policies which comply with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The Guernsey Sports Commission is committed to the pursuit of clean sport on the Island and also clean Guernsey athletes when they compete off Island.

Doping in sport is cheating. It is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport. It endangers the health of athletes and those who emulate and aspire to become athletes. Doping in sport undermines the positive impact that sport has in Guernsey.

Since 2009 UK Anti-Doping has been responsible for the anti-doping rules in the United Kingdom. They help advise the Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man Jersey and Guernsey on the development of domestic anti-doping regulations which are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency Code.

The regulations require the Commission to implement an anti-doping education programme and also the introduction and implementation of both in and out of competition drug testing within the Island.

In addition individual sports are required to have their own anti-doping policies in order to become members of the Guernsey Sports Commission and to access funds from the Commission.

In order to comply with the Island’s international obligations the Commission therefore intends to introduce into Guernsey the UK National Anti-Doping Policy and the UK Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations for Sports. In respect of in and out of completion drug testing this will be undertaken by UK Anti-Doping as agent for the Guernsey Sports Commission.

In addition to the UK Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations any Guernsey athlete coach or support personnel who is found to have committed any anti-doping violation shall in addition to any period of suspension also immediately lose the right to receive financial support from the Commission together (if relevant) being deselected from the High Performance Programme.

As a consequence of the adoption of the UK Anti-Doping Rules and the Anti-Doping Policy Guernsey sports clubs and athletes are advised to acquaint themselves of those rules. The Sports Commission recommend that athletes, coaches, support personnel and clubs look at the UK Anti-Doping website- to understand how those rules affect their sport.

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Any queries concerning anti-doping and the Guernsey Sports Commission anti-doping policies should be sent to David Harry ( or 01481 747231) or in his absence Graham Chester ( or 01481 747273)

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