#CoachingCan Initiative & Coaching Strategy

Sports Coach UK wants the Nation to know the wider benefits coaching has on society. These benefits include:

Physical wellbeing
Mental wellbeing
Individual development
Social development
Economic development

Coaching has long been considered to be about the development of skill in a sport. It has been about acquiring, honing and transferring these skills in the pursuit of athletic achievement. Over time it has been proven that coaching means much more than that…

Coaching delivers so much more to our daily lives.

Everyone knows that physical activity is good for them and given the chance most would like to do more. Sometimes the desire to want to do something isn’t enough and some people need a bit of a nudge from contemplation to action.

Coaches can provide this nudge

There are around 2.4 million people in the UK providing coaching to more than 7 million participants. Many of these are coaching without using the title of coach. They are known by their participants as activators, instructors, leaders, teachers or trainers. These people are coaches and they are the agents of behaviour change.

Coaches can make a difference

Often people need a catalyst to take part in physical activity. Willpower alone isn’t always enough, 60% of adults are overweight or obese and 60% of adults play no sport. Of these, 40% say coaching would encourage them to play.

We know from those taking part in sport that 81% of participants state that coaching improves their enjoyment of sport. Coaching is the catalyst to enjoying physical activity.

Coaches can make an impact

In its broadest sense, coaching can impact on individual, social and economic development. The social value of developing individuals to deliver high quality coaching sessions can deliver a range of outcomes for the coach and participants.

Coaching can change lives
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Source: Sports Coach UK

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