Commonwealth Games

The Guernsey Commonwealth Games Association was formally the Guernsey Sports Council, which was originally founded in 1966 with the view of applying to the Commonwealth Games Federation for membership in order that the Island, which is an independent self-governing member of the Commonwealth, could participate in the 1970 Games in Edinburgh, Scotland. Membership was accepted at the Federation’s General Meeting in Jamaica in 1966 and the first multi-sports team to represent the Island at international level took part in the 1970 Games.

Since that time, Guernsey has been represented at each subsequent Games including, Christchurch, New Zealand in 1974; Edmonton, Canada in 1978; Brisbane, Australia in 1982; Edinburgh, Scotland in 1986; Auckland, New Zealand in 1990; Victoria, Canada in 1994; Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 1998 and Manchester, England in 2002. Melbourne, Australia in 2006, and Delhi, India in 2010. Guernsey athletes have also attended the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bendigo, Australia in 2004, Pune, India in 2008, and Douglas, Isle of Man in 2011.

As one of the smallest members of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) – Guernsey has a population of some 64,000 and the Island is not only able to boast that amongst its sportsmen and sportswomen, many have not only represented Great Britain and England but have held both World and National titles in several sports. This event, devised as a stepping stone for young competitors who, having reach a standard of excellence in their chosen sport, is given the opportunity of competing against the best in the Commonwealth and is an excellent introduction for them as potential team members for forthcoming Commonwealth Games.

This section of our website showcases all the necessary information that is publicly available regarding the Guernsey Commonwealth Games Association. The below video from Glasgow 2014 highlights what attributes athletes will require if they are to be successful in winning medals.