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Are you a sportsperson or team who competes at a high (county or above) level, and wishes to compete off-Island?

Do you need to travel off-Island in order to gain sports coaching, refereeing or judging qualifications?

Are you a sports group who wish to bring a professional referee or coach over to Guernsey?

The Sports Development Unit may be able to help you out. The Unit administers the Sports Development Fund, the Under 18s Fund which is used to develop local sports people by helping to fund activities outside of Guernsey.

If you think that we can help you, then please click on the links below to download an application form, but make sure you check 'Funding Categories' below to ensure that you get the right form.

Sports Development Fund

A1 - Bring a coach to Guernsey, or qualify as a coach in Guernsey. SDF Form Coaching in Guernsey (A1)

A2 - Travel to the UK or abroad to qualify as a coach. SDF Form Coaching Qualification off Island (A2)

B2 - Competitors traveling outside of the Channel Islands under the age of 23 years and in full time education to represent Guernsey in events of County (equivalent or higher) standard. B2 funding is limited to a maximum of £1,000 per sport for the year 2014. SDF Form Sport U23 years of age (B2)

B3 - Competitors traveling outside of the Channel Islands, and ranked in the top 20 of their event, to represent their sport at National or International level and juniors ranked in the top 20 of their age group. SDF Form Individuals Top 20 Ranking (B3)

Sports Guernsey Fund

Sports Guernsey exists to help provide funding for sports events which attract visiting competitors and spectators to Guernsey and which are also going to be attractive events for the local community. Sports Guernsey is particularly interested in helping sports with funding for new or one off Sports Events with the above aims. Sports Guernsey have been instrumental in helping with a whole host of sporting events. If you have any events or ideas which fit the above aims but you require funding to enable them to be organised please contact us and follow these links for an application form.


Sports Guernsey Post Event Evaluation Form

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