Fit Clubs


After School and Lunch time clubs are currently active in 16 primary and infant schools in Guernsey. In many schools we encourage teachers to target children, it is a great opportunity to improve motor skills, staying healthy and active or boost self-esteem or behaviour. Other schools prefer to offer the lunchtime clubs to all children in Y1 or 2 so that they all benefit from structured play at lunchtime provided by an external agency.

For children in Y1 and 2 the main emphasis is on enjoyment of physical activity. Tag games and ball skills are popular activities within these clubs and the children always look forward to attending. Those children in Y3 and 4 have the opportunity to be introduced to new sports and show the children where to access sport and develop the skills they have learnt in their PE lessons further.

In total there are 322.5 hours of provision provided across the island by the Guernsey Sports Commission each year at lunchtime or after school.