Year 3 and 4 PE Lessons

The PE in Schools Programme was launched in September 2011 and is delivered by our PE and Sport Development Officers, Kerri, Ollie and Steph.

The programme sees each participating schools receive 15 weeks of high quality PE in the school year, taught over 5 week termly blocks. Each term focuses on a key area of the PE Curriculum, Invasion Games, Net and Wall Games or Striking and Fielding. The aim of these lessons is to encourage children to enjoy physical activity; they are engaging, inclusive and most importantly, fun.

The 5 week termly blocks enable the team to teach a wide range of sports that the children may not have tried before. Exposing the children to these sports aims to engage the children, develop key transferable skills and inspire them to find a sport that they enjoy. The team have seen fantastic enthusiasm from children and staff at the local schools and the programme is proving successful.

“We are really trying to maximise the time we have in the PE lesson so that the children are active throughout. By creating a safe and fun learning environment the children are able to develop a wide range of skills”, outlined Ollie.

Each school is provided with lesson plans to ensure that the teachers can build on the lessons and incorporate ideas that they have learnt. Feedback from teachers has been positive, as one teacher explained. “I really appreciate the support the Sports Commission are giving; I’m learning a lot as sport is not my area”.

The programme develops physical literacy whilst also providing support for children with poor motor skills. The programme is allowing children more opportunities to experience quality sport provision and will serves as a key stepping stone in a child’s skill development.

Lesson Plans and Resources