Who do we teach?

The Reception lessons are taught by Kerri, Ollie and Steph in all of the islands Primary and Infant schools. Children are taught in their classes to ensure maximum participation in the half hour long lessons. The teachers are provided with lessons plans that are available to share or use in future lessons.

Why do we teach Reception?

The Reception lessons were first offered to children two island schools as part of an intervention pilot project. The project enabled us to assess the children before and after a block of 1o lessons. One school had Kerri and Ollie teach their reception lessons and the other didn’t. After the children were assessed again on their skill development it was very noticeable that the school that did have the intervention made considerable improvement in their skill development.

What do we teach?

Each lesson focuses on a key fundamental skill, ranging from hopping to catching with a large emphasis on the children being active throughout and enjoying physical activity. The lesson will start with an active warm up followed by 2 fundamental movement activites. The children are engaged in the lessons and go away having had a positive first PE experience.


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