All sports have a responsibility to ensure they provide a safe and fun environment for children and young people.

The Guernsey Sports Commission aims for all children and young people to have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport in a safe and child centred environment and that children and young people are protected from abuse whilst participating in sport. It is a requirement of membership of the Sports Commission that all sports are required to have an up to date child welfare  policy and to have appointed a Child Welfare Officer.

The role of the child welfare officer is:
·         to be responsible for dealing with any safeguarding concerns
·         ensure all staff and volunteers understand their safeguarding responsibilities and receive the adequate training
·         keep safeguarding policies and procedures up to date

If you have any queries or concerns with regards to children and young people in sport in Guernsey, please contact one of the Guernsey Sports Commission Child Welfare Officers below:

Jenny Murphy
01481 747271

Graham Chester
01481 747273

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