Community Sports

Where are we now?

The Guernsey Sports Commission runs a variety of community programmes and events aimed at getting the community involved in sport. We deliver Street Sports, a free doorstep sports programme for 6-18 year olds that runs 50 weeks of the year. On Your Marks is our low-cost holiday programme (£1/hour) for 2-16 year olds. We also run a range of events such as an annual Family Fun day, the Specsavers Youth Games and the M&S Girls Convention. All of these are aimed at increasing participation at grassroots level.

We work with sports clubs and community groups to ensure that sport is engaging with everyone in Guernsey, and offer support where we can.

Where are we trying to get to?

We want to build a stronger, happier, healthier & safer community. We want sport to have a meaningful impact in our community and for it to build a sense of belonging and community pride. Sport for sports sake, as well as a vehicle for inclusion, life skills and improving health & wellbeing.

Over the next five years we will focus investment in targeted groups to overcome the specific barriers that they face.

We aim to ensure that everyone can access sports opportunities, and that those experiences are positive. We will work to inspire children, young people and adults to join in with sport and physical activity, integrate them into our member sports clubs and sign post to other physical activity community provisions.