Covid-19 Recovery Plan

Where are we now?

The Guernsey Sports Commission acknowledges the significant disruption to the sport and physical activity sector that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to the island and its community.

The sport and physical activity sector contributes significantly to the health, happiness and prosperity of the Island. Sport and physical activity support both physical and mental wellbeing as well contributing to the local economy.


Where are we trying to get to?

The Guernsey Sports Commission wants to ensure all sports can return to normal as soon as possible following the Covid-19 outbreak. To do this we need to safeguard jobs, the future of our sporting organisations and their facilities whilst working closely with the States of Guernsey to develop appropriate guidance for sports in accordance with Public Health advice.

Through this workstream we will respond to the urgent requirement to support the recovery of sport, linked to the Islands’ wider recovery plan, and to develop a specific recovery plan for the sector.