Where are we now?

The Guernsey Sports Commission recognises that the island is well served by its current facilities which are on the whole well used. There is however an increasing need to improve elements of this usage and further develop sports facilities in partnership with landlords, sports and the States of Guernsey. This needs to be done whilst simultaneously keeping a focus on maintenance and regeneration of existing facilities and developing some new facilities for specific sports groups.

Areas for improvement exist around the booking and availability and policy for use of States of Guernsey owned facilities, the ongoing maintenance of some facilities and the exclusive nature of some facilities.

Where are we trying to get to?

We want to ensure that Guernsey’s vision for sport is underpinned by the best possible facilities that are accessible to all. We need to ensure that these facilities are well maintained, sustainable and future proofed as far as is reasonable with all sports having a ‘home’.