Guernsey Institute of Sport

Where are we now?

Recent Guernsey athlete success has mostly been sporadic in nature and can be attributed to an individual’s abilities and attributes, rather than a result of any systematic high performance pathway or programme. Since the 1980s, many western countries have established ‘institutes of sport’ to support athletes and their coaches to continually improve performance through the expert delivery of science, medicine and technology. Such delivery typically focuses on maximising competition performance, preventing and recovering from injury, identifying talent, enhancing physical and mental health and well-being, and supporting athletes transitioning into new careers following retirement. Guernsey currently lacks an effective high performance sport approach; something that is needed to establish a mechanism for sustained sporting success.

A centralised Guernsey Institute of Sport supported by the Guernsey Sports Commission would add value to sports that have high performance aspirations, helping them to improve and achieve their aims.

Where do we want to be?

We want to establish, embed and continually enhance a sustainable high performance sport framework and an approach to support service delivery that inspires and mentors, which will equip athletes with key attributes in sport and life and that will help produce a medallist at a future Commonwealth Games.