Where are we now?

The diversity within Guernsey sport is not a true reflection of our population, meaning that it is not inclusive. Great change can be made when people and organisations work together. While there are a large number of charities and organisations available to support individuals and groups in Guernsey, very few work together despite having a common agenda. We must develop effective communication and a joined up approach, working together to make Guernsey sport more inclusive than it currently is.

Where are we trying to get to?

An inclusion policy for Guernsey sport must be developed to provide a clear direction for sports provision on the island. Policy helps to define the inclusion agenda, helping to strengthen and develop partnerships between organisations. Acting as the catalyst for change, policy can assist in the dialog surrounding inclusion and reduces the gap between ‘intention’ and ‘action’.

Participation data combined with the identification of barriers to participation will ensure that issues surrounding access, communication, choice and opportunity can be addressed. Using a step-by-step approach to inclusion will help us identify key areas where resources can be focused, allowing us to make a meaningful impact.