Workforce Development (Update Jan 22)

Where do we want to be?

(from original Action Plan)

Our aim is to ensure that our workforce, both professional and voluntary, is knowledgeable and feels confident, valued and supported. We want to develop a workforce that exceeds the minimum standards of the UK and is able to play its role in delivering on the SoG Plan for Sport and the outcomes it will generate. We want our workforce to be world leading in its effectiveness.

How far have we got?

The Guernsey Sports Commission is now established as a delivery centre for UK Coaching which means we will be able to offer a much wider range of on-island coaching qualifications at all levels as well as training up more coach mentors.

We now offer monthly heavily subsidised safeguarding training courses as well as bespoke whole-sport opportunities and through the work of our Relationship Director we are better able to understand what is required by our member sports and explore how we might be able to provide it.

An on-island Sports Science Degree is now in development in partnership with The Guernsey Institute and a UK University and is planned for launch in 2022 with applications for September 2023 start.

Volunteer recruitment remains a challenge with many organisations relying on a small but dedicated group of people to help run their sport. The Commission plans to continue supporting volunteers to upskill through providing easily accessible additional training and qualifications on-island wherever possible.

The Commission is also working with the Guernsey Community Foundation and Source Recruitment to promote Board level positions within sports clubs and organisations aiming to attract those with relevant professional skills to take on these critical roles.

Active 8 Core Aims Supported
Support the provision of safe and secure club environments
Inspire community engagement through volunteering
Use sport & physical activity to improve health, mental health & wellbeing

Government Work Plan Core Aims Supported
Needs are met and people are safe and secure
Healthier lifestyles
Young people can achieve their potential

You can access the updated Action Plan here