Workforce Development

Where are we now?

The Guernsey sporting workforce is in some places very healthy, and in others in need of significant support. Some sports have benefitted from their affiliation to National Governing Bodies and the resulting educational support that flows from them. For others, funding, time and a lack of understanding, results in them not accessing workforce development programmes.

The impact is a workforce lacking expertise and not meeting minimum operating standards and qualifications.

Sport England has released its updated Workforce Development Plan which provides sport in Guernsey with some clear guidance and ideas as to how to move forwards.

Where do we want to be?

Our aim is to ensure that our workforce, both professional and voluntary, is knowledgeable and feels confident, valued and supported. We want to develop a workforce that exceeds the minimum standards of the UK and is able to play its role in delivering on the SoG Plan for Sport and the outcomes it will generate. We want our workforce to be world leading in its effectiveness.