We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity, how we do that for the coming days, weeks and maybe longer, may need to change. You can help us.

The Guernsey Sports Commission is launching #ChallengeGuernsey . We are challenging Guernsey to find new fun ways to compete and participate whilst sporting fixtures and events may not be taking place.


Our team will be sharing our favourite challenges that can be done in the home or the garden, alone or with those you live with. We will also be encouraging you to share yours with us, the Island and the rest of the world. These ideas will be shared with our schools, businesses and the general public with a view to keeping our community active and healthy.

The Weekly Challenge |


Each week we will set you a new challenge! You go away and practise, send us your videos and we will add you to the leaderboard.

Week 1 | Sock Throw



Week 2 | Speedbounce


#ChallengeGuernsey | Watch on YouTube


We will be engaging with local and national sporting personalities and all sections of the community to help in whatever way we can. We will be updating the campaign as we go, but #ChallengeGuernsey is yours, come on Guernsey do your thing!

Watch all #ChallengeGuernsey videos

How you can get involved:

  1. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or like our YouTube and Facebook pages.
  2. Look out for and use #ChallengeGuernsey in your social media posts, we'll be looking out for new ideas to share with the community.
  3. Design your own challenges. These need to be safe, use basic equipment (things everyone is likely to have at home) and appropriate for family consumption.
  4. Challenge your friends, other sports, clubs, countries or famous people to #ChallengeGuernsey...could we have an Inter Insular?
  5. Be Creative. It could be a dance routine, a skill, a physical challenge or something else, it's up to you.
  6. It doesn't have to be competitive.
  7. Remember to think with a growth mindset, if you can't do it now, it's not you'll never be able to do it, you just can't do it....yet!
  8. Please remember to keep checking with Public Health updates.
For further advice on exercises and workouts to do at home please see below.
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Home based exercises
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