First for Guernsey Boxing

June 30, 2021

Guernsey now has a full-time Boxing Development Officer.

Mandy Hobart has been appointed to the role thanks to a combination of funding from a private sponsor, the Guernsey Sports Commission and the sport itself.

‘I am very excited to be appointed as the Guernsey Boxing Development Officer because it will enable the co-ordination of activities, ensure that both boxer and coach achieve their full potential and encourage more volunteers to become coaches,’ said Mandy.

The Guernsey Sports Commission has been working to increase the number of Sport Development Officers and this is the third new appointment following the news that Netball and Cycling are currently recruiting for full-time positions.

The central aim of Sport Development Officers is to increase participation in their sport which also helps address issues of mental and physical health, wellbeing and social inclusion through taking part in sport.

‘Mandy’s appointment is fantastic for boxing and she will hopefully be able to bring the sport to the whole community,’ said the Commission’s Relationship Director, Steve Sharman.

‘Boxing is pretty unique in that it has the capacity to instil discipline alongside physical and mental health benefits. In many ways it’s a long way from the blood sport that people perceive it to be. It is the values that can be developed through participation in boxing that make it an important part of Guernsey’s sporting scene.’

Mandy will be working to promote and organise boxing-related projects, events, programmes, coaching, club development and training. She will be targeting those who want to take part for fun and fitness as well as those who are interested in competing at all ages and all levels.

She will be starting in her new role in August.

For further information please contact Steve Sharman on 07960 148377