Leadership & Governance (Update Jan 24)

Where are we trying to get to?

(From original Action Plan)

In five years’ time we should be able to measure the success of Guernsey sports organisations in terms of defined minimum operating standards. We will introduce SportsMark, an accreditation scheme which will focus on good governance and safeguarding. A sports club achieving SportsMark will show that they are a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all ages as well as help parents and carers know that they’re choosing the right club for their young people.

During the next five years we will help sports organisations to understand why they exist and how they fit into the overall sports pathway that extends from children in their early years through to mature adults.

How far have we got?

Improving governance within sport continues to be a real focus for the Commission. Our Relationship Director has a direct link into member sports, helping them to understand why they exist and how they fit into the overall sports pathway as well as supporting them to become the best they can be.

The SportsMark scheme is now well established and the vast majority of our member sports have either achieved the quality assurance mark or are actively working towards it. Grant and funding awarding bodies are now linking their application processes to the SportsMark scheme to ensure that any sporting bodies who receive funding can show they are safe and well governed. Applications to the Commission’s own Sport Development Fund will only be considered if they are from sports who have achieved SportsMark or are working towards the accreditation.

Outside of SportsMark we have been working with individual clubs and sporting governing bodies to create sustainable new structures and governance to support the continued growth and/or improve the management of that sport. This includes helping organisations recruit appropriately qualified or experienced Board members.

Safeguarding remains a challenge for many organisations with difficulties attracting volunteers to take on the role of Welfare Officer. The Sports Commission will continue to make this a priority.

In terms of our own governance, the Sports Commission has retained highly regarded members of the community to act as Commissioners and Trustees to ensure we remain well run, financially secure with excellent corporate governance. We continually review the environment we are operating in and are making positive progress towards establishing a new service level agreement to cover our work on behalf of the States of Guernsey.

Active 8 Core Aim Supported
Support the provision of safe and secure club environments

Government Work Plan Core Aim Supported
Needs are met and people are safe and secure

You can access the updated Action Plan here