How will we know we are successful

There are well evidenced benefits from participating in sport. The most direct benefits include improved mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Positive mental health outcomes associated with sport participation include improved physical self-perceptions (competence, appearance, fitness), life satisfaction, happiness, quality of life, emotional experiences, reduced levels of anxiety and/or depression, and reduced loneliness. Sport and physical activity have a positive benefit on physical health directly and can encourage broader positive lifestyle choices such as striving for a healthier diet. Delivered in the right way, sport can also be a powerful tool for personal development, helping to teach key skills such as teamwork, understanding and self-discipline.

We have absorbed the overarching objectives of Active 8 into the day-to-day operations of the Guernsey Sports Commission whilst ensuring our work continues to support the core aims of the Government Work Plan as well as the island’s Education Strategy.

We will capture the specific impact of the programmes and projects we run and the interventions we make but it is important to recognise that the Guernsey Sports Commission is only part of the solution. It is our work, alongside that of countless others, which could add up to change at a population level.

We have produced a simple graphic to show how the workstreams in this Action Plan will contribute to the aims of these wider government strategies and some examples of how we will measure our success*.

As a ‘commissioned service’ we believe we have the right expertise, leadership, and governance to continue to
deliver these objectives on behalf of the States of Guernsey.

You can access the updated Action Plan here

*NB this document is under regular review