Sports Voucher Scheme

Please note that there may not be spaces available in all sports for all age groups so please discuss with the Sports Commission if you are unable to access your first choice of activity.

The Guernsey Sports Commission’s Sports Voucher scheme is an initiative supported by the States of Guernsey’s Active 8 Strategy providing opportunities for children and young people to participate and enjoy sport where cost may be a barrier.

The aim of the Sports Voucher scheme is to ensure that every child and young person has equal access to opportunities to participate, compete and excel in sport, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Vouchers can be issued by any professional working with the child or young person e.g. teacher, learning support assistant, social worker, youth worker, GSC PE and Sport Development Officer etc.

The voucher will cover the cost of subscription for one full season of the chosen sport. The sport or club must be a member of the Guernsey Sports Commission and have achieved or be actively working towards achieving the SportsMark accreditation.

Who is eligible?

Any child or young person in full-time education between the ages of 4 and 18 who is eligible to claim uniform allowance (the Guernsey Sports Commission will offer some discretion on this in discussion with the professional who has completed the referral)

How does the scheme work?

Any professional working with the child or young person (or their family) may issue a Sports Voucher.

The professional should discuss with the child or young person which sport or club they would wish to join. The Guernsey Sports Commission is happy to discuss options or contact relevant sports clubs, if required.

Which sports are included and what does the voucher cover?

Vouchers can be redeemed at any sport or club which is a member of the Guernsey Sports Commission and has obtained or is actively working towards SportsMark accreditation. The voucher should cover the membership or subscription cost for a season or calendar year depending on the sport.

What if specialist clothing or equipment is needed?

Please speak to the sports club or the Guernsey Sports Commission if you require help in providing sports kit or equipment. Many clubs operate loan schemes or sponsored kit.

How can I find out more?

Please speak to your Sports Commission staff member in primary school or your head of PE in secondary school or call us on 01482 227229 or email

We have also created a short information video explaining how the Sports Voucher scheme will work

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