The Guernsey Sports Commission is committed to helping island sportsmen and women to be the best they can be.

We have a limited amount of funding available to contribute towards the cost of:

  • Teams and individuals competing off-island at a National Governing Body recognised level of competition (e.g. county/national/international)

  • Inter-insular and off-island events/competitions for school-age teams (those that require entry through a qualification/selection process will be prioritised) NB this is currently through the Guernsey School Sports Federation

  • Visiting referees or umpires

  • Coaches/tutors visiting Guernsey to deliver appropriately accredited training/coaching courses

  • Attending appropriately accredited training/coaching courses in the UK or further afield


Rules and Regulations for Sports applying for funding

To be eligible to apply for funding your sport/club must:

  • Be a Member Sport of the Guernsey Sports Commission or a club/organisation affiliated to an over-arching organisation which is a Member Sport.

  • Hold current SportsMark accreditation or be actively working towards it.

The Commission will consider detailed applications for funding on a monthly basis but all Member Sports will be asked to submit an annual plan outlining estimated dates of events, names of participants, estimated costs and the level of funding required. This will ensure the Commission is able to prepare an annual budget to cover expected applications for support.

Travel should be by the most practical and cost-effective means and booked a minimum of three months in advance, where possible. We will consider a contribution towards the cost of transporting essential sports equipment.

We require a copy of any invoices and relevant receipts before any payment is made.

Those in receipt of funding are expected to provide a brief report, including results (where applicable), ranking, aims and goals for the next event etc within 6 weeks of the event completing.

Where we support funding towards gaining a coaching qualification, either in Guernsey or elsewhere, the qualification must be successfully completed and the coach is expected to use the qualification to provide coaching support within the sport for a designated period after qualification. Individual sports should seek to gain a written commitment from the aspiring coach ahead of funding their qualification to ensure that value for money is achieved through the financial support provided by the Guernsey Sports Commission.

The Commission has limited discretion to consider applications for funding outside of these rules and regulations.

Please contact our Relationship Director or Director of Communications if you have any questions in advance of completing your application.


Funding Categories

Sports Development Fund | A1 Category


  • Up to 50% of the travel costs for visiting coaches/tutors delivering Level 1 or Level 2 training courses in Guernsey

  • Up to 50% of the coaching fees for the visiting coach/tutor

  • Up to 50% contribution towards the cost of attending the coaching course/qualification (the course must be completed to receive funding)

  • Support for Level 3 courses and above will be considered on an individual basis

NB: Accommodation fees are not paid in this category but we can offer a corporate rate for sports organisations through the Little Big Hotel Group. Contact the Sports Commission for further information.

Please find the application form HERE

Sports Development Fund | A2 Category


  • Up to 50% of the cost of travel to attend a Level 1 or Level 2 training course where the qualification cannot be delivered in Guernsey (or where it would not be cost effective to do so)

  • Up to 50% contribution towards the cost of attending the coaching course/qualification (the course must be completed to receive funding)

  • Support for Level 3 courses and above will be considered on an individual basis

Please find the application form HERE

Guernsey School Sports Federation | B1 Category


  • Up to 50% towards the cost of travel, accommodation and entry fees for Guernsey pupils representing their island in recognised national and international competitions, including inter-insulars.

NB: All applications must be for a schools’ event involving school-age children, accompanied by teaching staff or agreed alternatives.

Applications can be made vie email to 

Sport Development Fund | B2 Category


  • Up to 50% of the cost of travel to the event

  • Up to 50% of the entry fees for the event

  • Total support up to a maximum of £350 per individual or £1,000 per sport per year

  • Off-island trips involving Juniors MUST include the appropriate number/ratio of adult chaperones. For further information on ratios please contact the Sports Commission

Please find the application form HERE

Sport Development Fund | B3 Category


The minimum age for support within the B3 category is 13 years.

  • A contribution of £100 per trip/competition (we will also contribute the same amount to any chaperone required for those under 18)

  • Total support up to a maximum of £1,000 per individual per year

An annual plan detailing their training and competition schedule and estimated costs is required from all applicants.

Evidence should be provided of individual’s national ranking etc (must be within top 20 nationally)

Please find the application form HERE



Condor has teamed up with the Guernsey Sports Commission to help the next generation of Island sports stars by establishing a dedicated travel fund/bursary.

This new initiative directly benefits up-and-coming local athletes who will be able to attend events, training, trials and competitions in Jersey, the UK or overseas by travelling on Condor's network.

Applications from any sport are accepted although the initiative is targeted at those who usually travel with equipment or vehicles e.g. triathlon, cycling, motor sport and those competing in equestrian events.

Please contact before booking your travel to confirm the support available.

States of Guernsey Event & Activity Grant Scheme |


The Tourism Management Board provides financial support for events and activities that will help to deliver on its remit.

As such, grant awards will only be awarded to organisers who can demonstrate that they meet some or all the criteria set:

  • Driving enhanced on-island experience for the visitor and thereby enhancing Guernsey's tourism product.

  • Driving incremental visitor growth.

  • Promote business or economic development where there is a clear tangible benefit for the local economy.

  • Build local entrepreneurial capacity.

This may include sports events.

The available budget for grant support is limited, and it is the Board's intention to support as many providers as possible with grants.

For further information visit


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