Facilities (Update Jan 24)

Where are we trying to get to?

(from original Action Plan)

We want to ensure that Guernsey’s vision for sport is underpinned by the best possible facilities that are accessible to all. We need to ensure that these facilities are well maintained, sustainable and future proofed as far as is reasonable with all sports having a ‘home’.

How far have we got?

One of the first actions we completed as part of the Active 8 Plan was to carry out a comprehensive review of the Bailiwick’s sports facilities. We presented some simple recommendations to the Committee in late 2021:

  1. Consider offering all schools free access to States-owned sports facilities (e.g. Beau Sejour, Footes Lane including hockey pitch) free of charge during term time between 9am and 4pm.

  2. Review the staffing, operation, management and booking of school sports facilities to ensure increased use by the community.

  3. Consider piloting a new operational model for the Sports Building at Les Ozouets including the co-location of the Guernsey Sports Commission on the site to manage community usage outside of education hours.

Unfortunately there has been very little progress towards delivering these recommendations.

The cost of hiring States-owned sports facilities remains a significant barrier to a number of schools and sporting organisations, including the Commission itself.

Access to these States-owned facilities can also be challenging at times with conflict between casual users and school/sport bookings.

The Commission will continue to advocate for free access to States-owned sports facilities during term time. We are also keen to instigate conversations with the States about the possibility of the Commission being able to access school sports facilities for free during the school holidays to help reduce the cost of delivery of our On Your Marks holiday programme.

The Commission is keen to remain involved with any discussion about the construction and operation of the new Sports Building at Les Ozouets campus as and when plans progress.

We continue to maintain excellent relationships with the owners and operators of privately owned sport facilities.

However, the existing portfolio of facilities on the Island does not meet the current and future demand of the Island’s sporting community.

Active 8 Core Aims Supported
Encourage more islanders to be more active more often
Maintain, develop and improve accessible facilities

Government Work Plan Core Aims Supported
Healthier lifestyles
Effective community partnerships

You can access the updated Action Plan here