GKMC latest to achieve SportsMark

April 4, 2023

The Guernsey Kart and Motor Club have become the latest local sporting organisation to achieve the Sports Commission’s SportsMark accreditation.

The GKMC runs a full programme of motor sport events in both Guernsey and Alderney including hill climbs, sprints, motocross, and kart racing.

‘I think it’s good having a second pair of eyes looking at your governance, so we know we are ticking all the right boxes particularly within the Guernsey context,’ said GKMC President, Alan Trustum.

‘It’s great to have a body to go to to get the extra help and advice you need.’

More than 30 sports clubs have now achieved the quality assurance award which checks that an organisation is safe with high standards of safeguarding and welfare, has fit for purpose corporate governance, appropriately qualified coaches, sound financial practices and a development plan in place.

‘Sports have recognised the importance of evidencing that they are well run and that they take the welfare of those participating or volunteering with them seriously,’ said Steve Sharman, the Commission’s Relationship Director who is responsible for SportsMark.

‘It has been really interesting finding out more about the Kart and Motor Club and understanding just how much work goes into running safe and successful motor sport events here in Guernsey and making sure all the requirements from Motor Sport UK are met.’

The GKMC was formed in 1960 and now has more than two hundred members ranging from 6-year-olds who compete in ‘Bambino’ karting races and minis motocross events to those such as Alan who have been competing for many years.

‘We were originally formed just for kart racing but after a couple of years we moved into hill climbs and sprints,’ said Alan.

‘In 1991 we held our first event in Alderney and now we run three events a year there plus three hill climbs, two sprints, ten karting meets and nine motocross events every year plus our Petit Bot, Reservoir and Imperial speed events.

'It’s a very highly regulated sport and all our officers must have DBS checks and our scrutineers, stewards and marshals have to be properly licensed and we are required to have specialist rescue crews and medical personnel at every event. We must provide a safe environment meeting all the criteria for people to be able to come and take part,’ said Alan.

This year sees the GKMC celebrate 40 years of motocross which the club hosts on its own land at La Trigale at Pleinmont and they’re looking forward to a bumper event over the Easter weekend to mark this milestone.

The club takes its role in the community seriously and will make sure members go around to all neighbours providing information and leaflet drops ahead of events such as those at Petit Bot, the Reservoir and Imperial. The club also has a close working relationship with the Guernsey Motorcycle and Car Club who run sand racing, trials and other hill climb events in the island, sharing stewards and officials. Some members also regularly compete off-island.

The club welcomes volunteers and new racers. Further information is available at