GSC supports IOD Leadership Shadowing

April 14, 2023

The Guernsey Sports Commission has been hosting a student this week as part of the IOD’s Leadership Shadowing Scheme.

Leo Smith from the Sixth Form Centre at the Grammar School spent three days working alongside the Commission’s Relationship Director Steve Sharman. He attended various meetings and programmes including the Commission’s On Your Marks holiday club. He was able to use one of the Commission’s electric bikes to get around the Island.

‘I found my experience shadowing Steve Sharman and the Guernsey Sports Commission as part of the IOD Leadership Shadowing Programme invaluable in exposing me to the key qualities of a leader and their importance in maintaining a healthy, structured workplace environment,’ said Leo.

‘My time shadowing Mr Sharman outlined how a leader should act, displaying high levels of emotional intelligence, significantly developing my understanding of key leaders who have impacted me in the past, such as my cadet leader and my athletics coach.’

The Sports Commission is delighted to be part of the scheme.

‘We feel it is important to support the IoD Leadership Shadowing initiative as part of our wider commitment to developing young people on Guernsey,’ said Steve. 

‘Using Sport as a vehicle to instil key life skills is at the core of our work streams and if we can help nurture the next generation of leaders then we will have contributed to the wider societal picture.  We look forward to continuing this relationship with the IoD.’

Leo was looking forward to putting what he had learnt into practice.

‘I hope to utilise the leadership qualities I have observed from Mr Sharman in meetings, such as empathy, transparency in communication, the delegation of tasks and emotional intelligence to further my career in the future,’ said Leo.


Leo is pictured with some of the children and staff at On Your Marks