GSC wins Team Trophy at Dance Floor Challenge

May 6, 2022

The Guernsey Sports Commission were the surprise winners of the Top Team Trophy at the Dancefloor Challenge at the weekend.

The Challenge pairs local personalities with trained dancers who have three months to learn and perfect two technical ballroom or Latin dance routines before performing in front of a live audience.

The GSC’s Performance Director, Jeremy Frith, and Communications Director, Nicky Will, partnered with experienced dancers Jo Ellis and Phil Breban caught the eye of the judges with their Paso Doble routine, being named Top Team over the three performances. The trophy was sponsored by Islands Insurance.

‘I must admit I never thought I would be able to say that I entered a dance competition and ended up winning a trophy,’ said Jeremy.

‘It’s certainly been a steep learning curve and dancing in front of so many people was definitely out of my comfort zone!’

This was the 16th time the Dancefloor Challenge has taken place and over the years it has raised thousands of pounds for local charities. This year the money will go towards the Friends of Frossard Children’s Ward and the Guernsey All Dancesport Association (GADA).

Featured dances included the Argentine Tango, Paso Doble, Quickstep, Samba and Rumba with couples representing all sectors of the community from sport and hospitality to the media and business.

The overall winners after the three performances were Natalie Wrigley and her experienced dance partner Mickey Haimes who scored four tens for their impressive Argentine Tango routine on Saturday night.

The Commission’s Nicky Will placed third in the competition, also scoring a ten for her final performance.

‘It was great fun to take part in the Dancefloor Challenge and although slightly terrifying to perform in front of so many people I did thoroughly enjoy it,’ said Nicky.

‘It was certainly a challenge swapping my usual trainers and tracksuit for high heels, glitter and sequins!

‘Jeremy and I were so lucky to have such patient and inspirational dance partners in Phil and Jo and it was thanks to them that we were able to be the best we could be.’

Photos courtesy of Charlie Sheridan (Instagram @cs.shoots.gsy)