Internship offers way into a career in sport

October 13, 2020

The Guernsey Sports Commission aims to support young people keen to work in sport through its Internship programme.
‘We think it’s important to give students who have completed or are mid-way through their university studies the opportunity to experience working with children and young people in sport,’ said the Commission’s Performance Director, Jeremy Frith.
‘We’ve been really lucky to attract some excellent interns over the years, several of which now work for us full-time as PE and Sport Development Officers.’
Harry Barrett-Giles is the latest recruit having completed a degree in Clinical Exercise Science at Bournemouth University earlier this year.
The 23-year-old island volleyball player started his internship around six weeks ago and is thoroughly enjoying the challenge.
‘I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m getting quite stuck into it,’ said Harry.
‘I like that it’s quite varied and that no two lessons are the same. We get to do different things with different age groups.’
Harry is currently shadowing members of the PE and Sport Development team working in schools before undertaking a project in the next half term.
‘It’s a great opportunity to experience the teaching side of things and seeing if I want to take that further afterwards,’ said Harry.
‘It’s really useful to see that everyone has their own way of doing things and it’s a great way for me to get some ideas to help me form my own way of delivering.
‘I think the pupils enjoy someone else coming in and teaching them for a change. I’m enjoying looking at the lesson plans and creating fun ways to teach fundamental movement skills and see the children pick those up as the sessions continue.’
Harry is planning to continue playing volleyball now he’s back in the island as well as a bit of cricket in the summer. He’s hoping that the year-long internship will help him decide what direction to take his career in in the future.
‘There are a couple of different options as well as teaching. I’m also thinking of possibly doing a Strength and Conditioning Masters Degree, but I’m not 100% sure and will decide once I’ve completed the internship.’
The Guernsey Sports Commission will shortly be starting its recruitment process for Internship placements for September 2021.
‘We can offer two fully funded year-long placements with additional earning opportunities and we aim to help our interns develop clear career pathways and explore areas of sport they might want to work in,’ said Jeremy.
‘We try to put all our interns through the Multi-Skills Level 2 qualification as well as any other training and CPD they need so it really is a great opportunity to explore a career in sport.’
Information about the 2021 placements will be available soon.