Latest guidance to sports re Covid travel restrictions

December 3, 2021

The Guernsey Sports Commission has been in contact with Public Health to seek further guidance on the current travel restrictions and the possible impact on sports.

‘We understand that sports clubs and organisations have lots of questions about the current situation and what it means for them,’ said Jeremy Frith from the Sports Commission.

‘The message is that on-island sports events and fixtures can continue with appropriate mitigations in place. Sports clubs are asked to use their own judgement and make informed decisions based on Public Health guidance. The Sports Commission is happy to discuss any concerns with any sports club or organisation.’

Appropriate mitigations include:

  • Mask wearing at all times except when on the field of play (including those on the subs bench)

  • All participants and spectators having a negative LFT before attending

  • Doors kept open in sports halls where possible and where it does not present a safeguarding risk

  • Use of hand sanitiser

  • Do not attend if you feel unwell or have any symptoms of Covid-19

‘The Sports Commission is also aware of concerns about visiting teams, particularly those involving under 18s, and would recommend that the organisers of these fixtures thoroughly risk assess the trip and have a robust plan in place should one of the travelling team members test positive. If fixtures do go ahead then all members of the travelling party should record a negative LFT before travelling but they will still be required to purchase lateral flows and collect for a test on day of arrival, which is the current Bailiwick requirement under law. In terms of sporting activity this should be taken before match/sporting activity commences.

If this test is positive, then Public Health have advised they are willing to fast-track a PCR test to confirm whether the young person is positive or not. If they are then there will be a requirement to remain in Guernsey and isolate with appropriate supervision if they are under 18,’ said Jeremy.

‘Sports need to understand that there is a risk of a child testing negative in the morning before arriving in Guernsey but then testing positive later in the day.

‘We also recommend that any child or adult who is contact-traced ahead of the trip should not travel.

‘We recognise that this is a fast-changing situation and will remain in contact with Public Health and issue any further guidance as necessary. We hope to provide an update on the situation during the week commencing 20th December or sooner if required.’