On Your Marks, Get Set, Grow: Healthy snacks provided by JT

April 11, 2024

Press Release issued by JT

This year, children attending the 'On Your Marks' holiday sports sessions hosted by the Guernsey Sports Commission will be treated to fresh fruit, provided by JT’s Community Giving scheme. 

‘On Your Marks’ provides multi-sports and sports taster sessions for children and young people during the school holidays, focusing on fun through physical activity from a young age. 

Up to 100 children and young people attend each session and enjoy a full morning of games and activities including sports such as football, cricket, hockey, netball and softball.  

Once a week the Commission likes to provide a free fruit break for all the children and young people to encourage them to eat more fruit, and often to try new varieties they may not have experienced before.  To help keep costs low for parents, the Commission applied to the JT Community Giving scheme asking for assistance in offering healthy and wholesome snacks for the children. 

Nicky Will from the Guernsey Sports Commission explained: ‘Being able to provide a healthy snack for everyone who attends, at least once a week helps to reinforce a healthy lifestyle and is popular with everyone.  Thanks to JT’s help we’re able to provide a wide selection of fresh fruit such as strawberries, watermelon, grapes and oranges and as soon as it all hits the tables the children swoop in, and it's all gone in a matter of minutes.’ 

Kate Marshall, Head of Guernsey Enterprise at JT said: ‘We all know the importance of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet; the ‘On Your Marks’ holiday activities are a brilliant way to encourage those choices from a young age, introducing them to good habits that can last a lifetime. For us, our support is about reinforcing the positive energy gained from play while at the same time helping their wellbeing with nutritious food. It's practical support which aligns with our belief in the positive impact of small, meaningful actions.’’ 

 JT Community Giving helps local projects and initiatives by offering them the opportunity to apply for funding, devices, subscriptions, technical support, or even hands-on help from some of JT’s many willing volunteers.  

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