PE coordinators drive to share good practice

January 22, 2021

The Island’s primary school PE Coordinators met for the second time this week as part of a new programme of termly professional development opportunities.

The teachers started the day with a quick session on the driving range at La Grande Mare and found out more about the pilot ‘Golf in Schools’ programme and the opportunity for children and young people to join one of the three Guernsey golf clubs.

‘We are super keen to get as many kids down here as possible,’ said La Grande Mare’s golf pro Alex Murrell.

‘If pupils want to come down, borrow some clubs, hit a few balls that’s fine. We don’t want anyone to feel they can’t come down and play.’

Geoff Troop, Junior Golf Development Coordinator, outlined the six week in-school golf programme which has already run successfully at Castel and Hautes Capelles Primary Schools and is due to roll out to other schools in the summer term.

‘The future of golf is with the younger generation,’ he explained.

Jeremy Frith who oversees the Commission’s work in primary schools outlined the purpose of the meeting.

‘The opportunity to have all our primary PE coordinators together for a morning is hugely beneficial. It allows us all to share good practice, particularly around the evolving role of our team in schools and identify areas to collaborate. We are really grateful to the team at La Grande Mare for hosting us as it gives those colleagues in schools first hand experiences of the opportunities available to young people and the breadth of facilities we have on Island. I know the PE coordinators really value that time.’

‘It’s great to have some time out of school to get together and share ideas,’ said one of the PE coordinators attending.