Primary schools score new football goals thanks to local Charitable Trust

October 15, 2021

Young footballers will have more opportunity to play the game at school and during break and lunchtimes thanks to the donation of easily portable goalposts to the island’s primary schools.

The Freddie Wilcox Charitable Trust has paid for eighteen pairs of Samba goals which are the appropriate size for primary age pupils and can easily be carried onto playgrounds or playing fields whenever they are needed.

‘When we registered The Freddie Willcocks Charitable Trust it was set up in the memory of Freddie who was firstly a proud Guernseyman and local football legend; and secondly a person who would always help out others who were less fortunate than himself,’ said Andrew Grimwood from the Trust.

‘Fred came from an extremely poor background and never forgot those who were less fortunate. He was truly a great man and very well respected by everyone.

‘The Trust has been set up specifically to bring those two things together and assist youth football on the Island as the youth are our future,’ said Andrew.

The donation of the goals has been welcomed by the Guernsey Football Association who will be using their supplier contacts to get a good deal for the island.

‘It is fantastic news that primary schools will be provided with new goalposts that are appropriately sized for primary school children,’ said Angus Mackay, Football Development Officer for the GFA.

‘We are extremely grateful that the Guernsey Sports Commission has secured funding in order to purchase these goalposts.

‘We are hopeful that this will allow more children to access the sport of football during break and lunch times using safe and appropriately sized goals. Not only this, we are hopeful that at some schools the goals may be available for PE lessons and Weetabix Wildcats sessions.

‘These goals may also potentially be used for other sports such as handball, goalball or futsal. Having goalposts will give a clear target during match play and enhance the delivery of goalkeeping and finishing,’ said Angus.

The Sports Commission thanked all those involved in the project.

‘These goals will really support our aim to provide a fun and inclusive experience of PE and sport in schools,’ said Relationship Director Steve Sharman.

‘The best thing about these Samba goals is that they are easily moved around and so can quickly be carried out at break time or lunchtime so that the children can enjoy an informal kickabout as well as being used for curriculum time and competitive matches.

‘The more we can do to support our children and young people being active and having fun the better and its thanks to the support of the GFA and the Freddie Wilcox Trust that we are able to do this,’ said Steve.