Sport in the Library

November 7, 2023

Skateboarding, boxing, and darts are not the sort of activities you would expect to take place in a library but thanks to a new collaboration between the Guille-Allès and the Sports Commission these sports are going to be played alongside the bookshelves for a special taster day.

‘We were approached by library staff a couple of months ago to explore some creative ways to encourage people to visit the library and be active, and we were delighted to help,’ said Nicky Will from the Sports Commission.

‘We then thought about some of the least likely sports you would expect to see in a library and asked them if they wanted to be involved. Skateboarding, table tennis, boxing, darts, boccia and carpet curling all took up the challenge.’

Sport in the Library is on Saturday 25th November between 10am and 3pm with the first hour being designated as a quiet time and targeted at those with learning difficulties, disabilities, and autism. (NB skateboarding will not start until 11am)

‘The event is open to all ages and is completely free to attend so we encourage everyone to come along and give our sports a try,’ said Nicky.

‘We’ve taken over some of the rooms on the top floor of the Guille-Allès which are all accessible via the lift if required and of course we will be inside, so we don’t have to worry about the weather!’

‘We’re delighted to be partnering with the Sports Commission on this event,’ said Jackie Burgess, Community and Wellbeing lead for the Guille-Allès.

‘Supporting health and wellbeing is a key part of the Library’s mission, and we hope the event will highlight that sport is accessible to all and can be played anywhere, any time. If you’re ready to play, learn, and explore, then do join us at the Library on Saturday 25 November.’

‘Father Christmas will also be coming to Town on that date to switch on the Christmas lights so why not make a day of it,’ said Nicky.